Aconcagua team makes it to Base Camp!

“The Aconcagua team looking strong successfully reach Base Camp at 13,747′ after a 3-day trek! Beautiful weather here. Happy Sunday Everyone!” -Kurt Wedberg (SMI Founder)


Morning light on the peaks above base camp


On Sunday, as Kurt reported, the team reached Base Camp (13,747′) after 3 days of trekking. Here, they will stay for 2 days while embarking on acclimatization hikes. On Jan 11, 2017, they’ll set off for Camp 1 at 16,700′!


Their shadows as they trek through the Relinchos Valley!


View of Aconcagua from the trek up to Base Camp


A ranger at Base Camp giving the team their trash bags. They will carry these trash bags up the mountain and return the loaded bags to them when they descend.

Stay tuned for more updates as they continue their ascent! Follow more updates on our facebook and instagram @smiguides

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