Carstensz Pyramid Expedition June 2013

They are off into the jungles of Indonesia.

After a couple days delay in Jakarta and Bali due to lost baggage, the SMI Team of Fred, James, Carolyn Simmons led by Kurt Wedberg, are now into their third day of trekking the soggy jungles of Indonesia onto their base camp below Carstensz Pyramid. So far the weather has been variable with sessions of continuous rain lending to evening dry spells. Rubber boots are the norm for this portion of  the expedition. Once situated at Base Camp, the Team will change into their Alpine climbing profiles for their summit attempt of one of the worlds Seven Summits.

Kurt is in contact with the SMI Office back here in Bishop via Sat Phone so we will be updating the blog as the expedition progresses with photos and verbal Sat Phone reports. Stay tuned for what will indeed be a momentous Team effort on this very obscure Seven Summit Peak.


The Plane that got the Team from civilization into the Jungle.



The Jungle Landing Strip.


The Moni Tribe members that will assist/porter the Teams gear to Base Camp.


The Camp 2 of the Six Day Jungle Trek





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