Kilimanjaro MTB

The thrill of mountain biking combined with a climb to the Roof of Africa!

Kilimanjaro MTB! In October 2019 we climbed Kilimanjaro with our mountain bikes.  We ascended the Marangu/Kilema Route that offers a good portion of riding with sections of “hike-a-bike”.  The descent covering over 14000′ was glorious! It was a truly special journey which is why we are excited to return for another Kilimanjaro MTB adventure!

  1. Are you an experienced mountain biker?
  2. Do you enjoy new personal challenges?
  3. Do you enjoy breathtaking scenery, remote settings, pristine environments, and warm friendly cultures?

    If you answered yes to the above questions you should join us for this trip of a lifetime!


Team members fly to Moshi, Tanzania. The next day we’ll reassemble our bikes and explore the Tanzanian landscape. There’s time to sample the town of Moshi, ride past sugarcane and rice fields, and take time to enjoy a Tanzanian coffee. We’ll then ride back to our hotel where we will organize gear for the climb.

We’ll be riding on Kilimanjaro for 5-days. The first 3-days are spent moving up the mountain to put us in position for our climb to the summit. Day-4 is summit day. After the summit we begin the glorious descent returning half way down the mountain. On Day-5 we finish the descent through the jungle.

Read about our October 2019 mountain bike trip to Kilimanjaro here.

What makes the SMI Kilimanjaro MTB experience special

  • SMI has been guiding expeditions to Kilimanjaro since 1996.
  • SMI guides have successfully led climbs up all seven routes giving us unmatched intimate knowledge of this magnificent mountain.
  • We offer the highest level of safety and security because our experienced guides are high altitude mountaineering veterans. We are intimately familiar with the intricacies of climbing at high elevation. Therefore, our guides understand how to best set our groups up for success.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable Tanzanian staff are the best having worked with our team for over 20 years. They deliver unmatched service because they understand the high standards we set for our trips. Porters are well taken care of which is why our staff have become great friends. Consequently our staff looks forward to us returning and are proud to share the pride of their homeland with us.
  • Trained chefs serve tasty meals that include fresh vegetables and fruit and we proudly accommodate any diet restriction and food allergy.  All water is clean and treated and because we use strategic camp locations there is never a shortage.
  • We work with you to develop a training program that’s effective and attainable.  You are signing up for more than a 7-day climb; we are here to answer questions immediately from the time you sign up.
  • SMI guides have the latest training in mountain medicine and consequently maintain cutting edge knowledge for high altitude medical protocols and treatment. All groups carry well stocked first aid kits, emergency oxygen, and pulse oximeters. While Kilimanjaro is in a remote setting our itineraries allow for access to well established descent paths.

What makes SMI safaris special

Add a safari to your Kilimanjaro climb for the ultimate African experience!

  • Our safaris are seamlessly integrated into our itineraries and designed for non-climbing family and friends who would like to join.
  • We use comfortable Land Rovers with removable rooftops. As a result our vehicles offer superb animal viewing and photography.  Vehicles are equipped with power outlets allowing personal electronics to be charged on the go. We also take along coolers to store cold beverages.
  • Our skilled safari guides know behaviors and patterns that maximize our chances to locate animals.
  • We stay in cozy lodges and comfortable tented camps handpicked from three decades of experience.
  • The parks we visit include the famed Serengeti, the legendary Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and Olduvai Gorge. 
  • At the end of the safari you have the option to fly from the middle of the Serengeti back over the ground we covered which eliminates a long drive over rough roads.

Video of the Kilimanjaro MTB descent!

View a photo gallery of our climb here.


Kilimanjaro MTB: $4500
Safari add on: From $2900 with different lodging options available. Contact our office for details.


October 2-10, 2023 – Kilimanjaro MTB
October 11-13 – Safari Add On

Arrange Kilimanjaro MTB on custom dates of your choice. Contact our office to arrange this trip of a lifetime!