Kilimanjaro June 2011 Wrap Up

6:45 AM June 19, 2011 - On the summit of Kilimanjaro.

This is a summary of our recently completed Kilimanjaro climb written by Kurt Wedberg.

Our June Kilimanjaro trip was another great success.  The climbers included people from Canada and from both coasts on the USA.  Some were new to the SMI experience and others were long time friends.  Sunniva Sorby and Kurt Wedberg both have roots with Adventure 16 Outdoor and Travel Outfitters where both were introduced to the outdoor industry.  Sunniva has since traveled the world as a lecturer, explorer, adventurer, and guide.  She gathered together a group of ladies to raise money and awareness for kids in Africa affected by AIDS.  Also joining us were several friends of SMI who have all been on trips with us in the past.  Team members included:  Rosemary Berard, Kelly Dunfee, Barbara Falco, Jody Foster, Bettina Hiniker-Breckenfeld, Shena Hinks, Sarah MacDonald, John Risickella, Steve Schumm, Sunniva Sorby, Kathleen Urdahl, and Margaret Webb.  Joining this group were SMI guides Karsten Delap, April Mayhew, and Kurt Wedberg.

Everybody who started on this trip made it all the way to the summit and back down… that’s 15 out of 15 to the summit!!!  A big congratulations to everybody on a job well done!!

Below are a few pictures from the climb.  The rest of the pictures can be found here:

Kilimanjaro June 2011

The team at the park gate ready to go!!

Jody, Rosie, Margaret, April, and Kelly hiking through the jungle trail on Day 1.

The Kilimanjaro Impatients. The jungles on Kilimanjaro are the only place in the world this flower grows.

Shena, Kathleen, and crew hiking through the jungle on day 1.

Kelly, Sunniva, BArbara, and Bettina are all smiles upon getting their first glimpse of Kilimanjaro on day 2.

Helichrysum flower. There are severaly types of these "everlastings" on Kilimanjaro.

Barbara and Jody enjoying the day 2 hike.

Sunniva and Kurt with the summit of Kilimanjaro poking through the clouds.

"Sista Sarah" enjoying one of the many dramatic views Kilimanjaro offers.

The team arriving at Barranco Camp 12,926'/3940m at the end of day 2.

The team assembled in the dining tent. From left to right: Sunniva, Battina, Margaret, Kelly, Steve, John, Karsten, April, Rosie, Barbara, Jody, Kathleen, and Shena.

A porter starting off on day 3 from camp.

John ready to start off on day 3. John went on the first international trip SMI ran to Mexico's Volcanoes and has been a good friend of SMI ever since.

Giant Senacio trees at 13,000'/3962m.

Climbing the Barranco Wall.

Shena, Kathleen, and Karsten topping out on Barranco Wall at 14,000'/4267m.

Kurt and April on top of Barranco Wall with the Heim Glacier and Kilimanjaro's summit dome behind.

Steve is all smiles high above the clouds on top of Barranco Wall.

The team poses for a group photo next to a grove of Giant Senacio trees.

Traversing along the moonscape on the flanks of Kilimanjaro en route to Karanga Camp.

Climbing out of Karanga Valley the last hill before our next camp.

The team arrives at Karanga Camp 12,893'/3930m.

The Big Dipper above Kilimanjaro. The star show every night is always a blessing to see.

The team starts climbing to high camp.

Steve, Margaret, John, Shena, and Kathleen focused and psyched to move to high camp.

April and Karsten en route to high camp.

Headlamps on in the tents as the team wakes up for summit day!

Tea time before starting off on summit day!!

The group's string of headlamps light up a pristine crisp night under a blanket of stars.

The team pacing themselves well in the wee hours of the night.

The team catching the view of sunrise from the east as it casts it's glow over the Africa plains far below.

Traversing around the crater rim of Kilimanjaro. The summit is the highest point in the distance.

Summit photo. 100% to the highest point on the African continent: 19,340'/5895m

Congratulations team on a job well done!!!!

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