Mt Langley July 23rd- 25th

On July 23rd– 25th SMI guides Chris Werner and Sara Berghoff met the Summit for Someone team Carrie, Stacia, and Laura for a 8:00am breakfast in Lone Pine, CA.  Our objective was Mt. Langley that reaches over 14,000′.

Each day was kept cool and at perfect tempts by passing puffy clouds that added perspective to the beautiful landscape.  Included in our scenery were the many alpine lakes, beautiful granite cirques and several varieties of pine trees that decorate this beautiful and pristine area of the Sierra.

We made it to camp at High Lake with plenty of time in the afternoon to relax, swim, and get used to the altitude at 11,400ft.  The early evening included a tasty dinner of pesto and raviolis followed by preparation for our summit bid the next morning.

Jansport and Big City Mountaineers together on Mt. Langley. Photo courtesy of Chris Werner.

We awoke at 4:30am and enjoyed hot drinks and oatmeal as we finished preparations for our summit bid.  Our group took a nice steady pace while we enjoyed the scenery this spectacular landscape offers along with good conversation.  After reaching New Army Pass at 12,300′, 374m the team turned north ascending the gentle plateau that ends at a short section of 3rd class climbing.  Surmounting this short exhilarating area our route opened up to more gentle terrain dominated by white granite boulders leading to the summit plateau. Gaining the final pieces of elevation leading to the summit of Mt. Langley the views of the high Sierra became increasingly spectacular.   Finally we topped out on the southern-most 14er in the Sierra at 14,042’-4280M.

Sara, Carrie, Laura and Stacie head down from New Army Pass on the gentle plateau that leads to the summit of Mt. Langley. Photo courtesy of Chris Werner.

Another successful climb completed, we headed back to New Army Pass where both Sara Berghoff and Stacia attempted Cirque Peak only to be thwarted with an impending thunder shower just feet from the summit.  That afternoon the team was treated to thundershowers and a beautiful sunset.

Yellow-bellied Marmots are everywhere in the Sierras! Photo courtesy of Chris Werner.

Thanks to the team and congratulations on a successful trip!

Summit for Someone, under Big City Mountaineers, is a program that benefits under privileged youth. More information can be found at

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