Mt. Whitney April 10-11, 2010

Winter storms continue to be a part of the Sierra spring this year. Our latest trip began under a warm and windless day on April 10. The Whitney Portal Road has been melting out and although the road is still closed it is now drivable as the road crews have been clearing out rocks that have pelted the asphalt as they normally do all winter long. John Wedberg graciously drove down from Bishop to give the group an assist with a car shuttle. We would get a ride up to Whitney Portal and he would drive our vehicle back down below the “Road Closed” sign.

The group climbed to Lower Boyscout Lake on Saturday. The North Fork canyon continues to melt out on the warmer days. We are now switching our route to go up the Ebersbacher Ledges instead of heading straight up the canyon. Arriving at our campsite in the afternoon wind started to kick up. After a Thai dinner the group retired to their tents as the wind picked up in intensity. The night was a rather noisy one with unabated winds and gusts hitting over 50 mph.

The morning of April 11 revealed not only winds but increasingly cloudy skies. We received an updated forecast predicting 2+ feet of new snow over the next 24 hours. We discussed our options with the group. After weighing out the various options of trying to continue to high camp, staying at Lower Boyscout Lake and training, or descending and using the days to do some training in various mountaineering techniques the group decided to descend.

Here are a couple pictures from the trip. The rest of the photos can be found here.

The group loaded up and ready for the first day on the trail. From left to right: John Wedberg, Kurt Wedberg, Brittany Szalkiewicz, Kristine Lim, Michael Tate, Joey Szalkiewicz, Joe Szalkiewicz, Wade Williford, Karsten Delap

Climbing up the North Fork Canyon

Creek crossing in the North Fork Canyon

The group enjoying a hot drink after setting up camp at Lower Boyscout Lake

Brittany, Joey, and Joe Szalkiewicz

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