Mt. Whitney Slideshows at Adventure 16 stores April 14-16, 2010 – Another great series of successful shows!!

Each year SMI founder Kurt Wedberg gives a series of informational clinics about climbing Mt. Whitney hosted by Adventure 16 stores in Southern California. The clinics are divided into two parts. Part 1 took place in February. This was part 2. Mt. Whitney continues to be one of the most popular mountains in the United States for people to climb. These clinics are always well attended. Some are looking to climb this beautiful mountain for the first time and others return year after year to add another great life experience to their memory box. These clinics are always fun for attendees who have the opportunity to pick the brain of the foremost guide on Mt. Whitney who has climbed this mountain 100+ times by 5+ different routes. Kurt’s presentations include a slideshow detailing equipment, planning and preparation, tips on training, safety issues including lightning, bears, and mountain medicine issues, and a question and answer session.

SMI would like to thank Icebreaker for their help in sponsoring this latest round of Mt. Whitney slideshows. Icebreaker manufactures top quality base and insulating layers of outerwear made from pure Merino wool from New Zealand. Check out their products at Adventure 16 stores or online at

Kurt presenting at the San Diego Adventure 16 store on April 14

Kurt explaining training tips during a presentation

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