Mt. Langley

Mt. Langley is 14,042 feet and the southern most peak in the Sierra above 14,000.

Mt. Langley Overview

Elevation: 14,042’/4280m
Difficulty: Beginner
Length of Trip: 3 Days
Difficulty Rating: Class 2

Mt. Langley is the southern most 14er in the Sierra. Overshadowed by its popular neighbor Mt. Whitney, Mt. Langley receives much less traffic while offering excellent views and an aesthetically fun route to its summit. The route leading from the Horseshoe Meadows trailhead to the summit is approximately 9 miles. The terrain is over a well-maintained trail to camp, and a cross country route to the summit. The scenery is spectacular with forests of Jeffrey, Foxtail, Lodgepole, and Fir trees, meadows, alpine lakes, and views spanning for hundreds of miles. The route to the summit ventures into the alpine zone where white granite dominates the landscape. This climb requires participants to be in good physical shape but no previous mountaineering experience is necessary. Mt. Langley is an excellent introduction to the high altitude for the novice backcountry traveler.

Mt. Langley Itinerary

Our Mt. Langley climb start at the Horseshoe Meadows trailhead at 9680’/2950m. Beginning on a gentle trail through Jeffrey pine forests, the route ascends past pristine alpine lakes, meadows, and beautiful high mountain forests. The hike to camp normally takes 4-6 hours leaving time in the afternoon to relax, enjoy the scenery, explore nearby lakes, or go trout fishing. Summit day preparations are finished after dinner before going to sleep. The summit bid begins at dawn. The route ascends above timberline along a cross country route and up a wide chute to gain the summit plateau. The spectacular east/west crest of the Sierra Nevada and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park dominate the scenery leading to the summit. The descent retraces the ascent route to camp where a final menu of fine backcountry cuisine is prepared. Day 3 is devoted to packing up and returning to our cars.

A photo gallery from a Mt. Langley ascent can be viewed here.


$1560 guided 1:1
$960 per person guided 2:1
$840 per person guided 3:1


Any date between June and October.
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