North Ridge of Lone Pine Peak

The North Ridge of Lone Pine Peak is alpine ridge climbing at its finest!

Elevation: 12944’/ 3945m
Ascent: 3600’/1100m climbing / 5000’/1524m total
Difficulty rating: Strong Beginner/Intermediate
Length of Trip: 1-3 day options
Difficulty Rating: Grade 5.7 Rock

North Ridge of Lone Pine Peak Overview

The North Ridge of Lone Pine Peak is an excellent introduction to big alpine ridge climbing. It is long, has sections of big exposure, challenging moves for its 5.7 rating, and interspersed sections of 3rd class.  Lone Pine Peak rises dramatically above the desert floor and is located much closer to the Owens Valley than most of the surrounding mountain range.  The result is being perched high off the deck while offering a dramatic birds eye view of the Sierra Nevada and Owens Valley to the north.

We offer this climb in 3 options depending on the experience one prefers and overall fitness level.

North Ridge of Lone Pine Peak – 1 day car to car

The challenge of this option is the mileage and elevation gain covered in a 1-day push.  The Meysan Lakes trailhead is 7874’/2400m.  The summit of Lone Pine Peak is 5070’/1545m above.  The route is 3000’ of rock climbing including many 5th class pitches with interspersed 3rd and 4th class sections.  Starting by headlamp we maintain a moderate pace designed to get us to the base of the route in reasonable time but not exhausted.  We employ the best in efficient transitions in between pitches keeping us moving steadily through the day.  With day packs we can move more smoothly than if we had the added weight of overnight gear.  After topping out our descent brings us down to Grass Lake (10170’/3100m) where a short walk reunites us with the Meysan Lakes trail for the walk back to the car.

North Ridge of Lone Pine Peak – 2 days with a bivy on the route

The biggest challenge of this option is rock climbing with an overnight pack.  Carrying essential gear to spend a night out we start up the Meysan Lakes trailhead and hike to the base of the route.  The first part of the climb entails 3rd to moderate 5th class pitches negotiating towers and notches.  This leads to two 5.7 pitches containing the most strenuous moves on the route.  Finishing these pitches rewards us with a small flat bivy site offering a breathtaking view of the Owens Valley.  After normal snow years we can melt snow for water through mid-July, after which we need to carry all our water.  After a night out the second half of the route offers moderate 5th class pitches leading around a few pinnacles.  The difficulty increases higher up but generally not as strenuous as the day-1 climbing. The finishes directly on the summit.

North Ridge of Lone Pine Peak – 2-3 days with a bivy below the route

This option is a hybrid of the other two options.  In this alternative we hike with overnight gear to Grass Lake.  Waking by headlamp we hike to the base of the route which is at approximately 9300’/2850m.  After climbing the route as described above we descend to our camp where we pack up and head out, or spend the night and return to the cars on the 3rd day.  This option cuts out some of the elevation gain that is covered on the 1-day option and eliminates the need to carry an overnight pack on the route.

View a photo gallery from a climb of Lone Pine Peak’s North Ridge!


1-Day Climb
$620 per person guided 1:1
$420 per person guided 2:1

2-Day Climb
$1040 per person guided 1:1
$640 per person guided 2:1

3-Day Climb
$1560 per person guided 1:1
$960 per person guided 2:1


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