Alex Barber

Alex Barber was born and raised in Southern California. In his youth, it was the time spent fly fishing with his father in the Sierra Nevada that turned his interest to the mountains. He first climbed Mt. San Antonio after a failed solo winter attempt on Mt. Whitney in his teens. Alex has worked as a mountain guide since his early 20’s in places such as Mt. Rainier, the North Cascades, Aconcagua and the Sierra Nevada, his home range. For Alex, guiding is about facilitating a safe, fun and rewarding excursion into the mountains!

In 2013, he started climbing in the Himalaya and has been on five 8000m expeditions, climbing in what has become his signature style of solo, without supplemental oxygen or Sherpa support. For more information on Alex’s 8000m climbs check out

“Last week, [my friend] and I had the wonderful experience of having Alex as our guide. Alex was extremely patient. Also, Alex was constantly conscious of our safety. I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job as a guide than Alex Barber did on our expedition.  But the greatest experience of our climb was getting to know Alex. His accomplishments on 8000 meter peaks are inspiring–it shows what can be accomplished when a person sets a goal and obsessively pursues it.” – Client – Ken McKnight