Hjördis Rickert

Hjordis is full of joy in her element guiding the Northwest Arete on Devils Crag!

Hjordis Rickert

Hjördis Rickert has lived much of her life outdoors, on foot, and in the mountains. This focus has provided the catalyst for varied travels, and the forming of many favorite memories with friends and family.  She grew up exploring the Sierra and ranges throughout the North American West with her family. In her childhood, Hjördis hiked through Europe with her parents, dogs and a goat. This memory had a lasting impression on her as they connected their steps from the tip of Denmark to the westernmost tip of Spain. A portion of these trails included hiking the length of the Alps. Other walks took them the length of England and through Normandy.

Worldwide Experience!

Interest and appreciation of other cultures and natural places around the globe led to many more travels. Hjördis’ time in the mountains has ranged from 8000 meter peaks in Pakistan and Nepal to the summit of Fitz Roy and other spires of Patagonia. She has explored the South American Andes from Peru to Ecuador, Bolivia, and Argentina.  More nearby, experiences have ranged from big walls and long free climbs in Yosemite and the High Sierra, to towers and walls of the Desert Southwest and Rockies. She’s gone looking for ice from Vermont and New Hampshire to the Canadian Rockies, and from Denali to first ascents in southeast Alaska; from high peaks in the Alps to exploration of rock throughout Europe and the Western US.

Education and More!

Hjördis holds a degree in Geography, with particular interest in biogeography and the natural sciences, and art and languages. She is fluent in German and French, and proficient in Spanish. Hjördis has taken the AMGA’s Rock Guide Course. She began guiding for SMI around 2003 and recently rejoined the team. She enjoys sharing time with her clients and students in the outdoors and values a kindred appreciation and reverence for our wild places. Hjördis is the mother of a teenage son who brings her the brightest fulfillment and enjoyment of all. She is also a professional photographer. You may find a collection her professional and personal images on her instagram page @hjordisrz.

See photos from a climb Hjordis guided on Mt. Emerson here.

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Hjördis Rickert Testimonials!

“As I’ve gotten older and my original climbing partner has moved on, and not wanting to climb alone or unsupported, I’ve climbed a few times over the years guided by SMI, the latest time, August 2020, with Hjordis Rickert. Awesome time! She’s accommodating (when I needed to rest!), attentive (she knew the altitude got to me a little), helpful (carried part of my load to help me with the altitude), and just a beast on the trail who was more capable than all the men in our group combined :). Highly recommended.” – David Duket

“Hjordis is an accomplished professional in every sense of the word. Her technical skills are superb, and more importantly she has such an upbeat and positive attitude that brings out the best in her clients. She was amazing on my family climb of Mt Emerson.” – Chris Fragakis

“Hjördis is a delightful mountain guide. She skillfully took my family up to the top of Mt. Emerson this past July. Her gentle support, patience and cheering me on every pitch were just what I needed after 5 years of not being on a rope. Her encouragement gave me a boost of confidence that I greatly appreciated. I felt we were in very good hands with her the whole time and would definitely hire Hjordis for another climbing trip.” – Allison Fragakis

Hjordis Rickert in the Tetons
Family outing in the Tetons. Hjördis with her parents, Herb and Susanne, dogs Fritz and Thor, and goat Heidi.
Hjordis & Finn
Hjordis and her son Finn mountaineering in Patagonia, Chile.