Sierra Ski Touring – Multi-Day Tours

The Sierra is loaded with options for legendary multi-day ski and snowboard tours.


Sierra ski touring offers terrain for every skill level. Our multi-day trips have two options: “point to point” and “base camp” tours. Our legendary point to point journeys cover some of the most magnificent winter scenery in the Sierra. We begin at one road head and end at another. On our base camp offerings we travel to a destination where we set up camp. We take tours by day and return to camp in the evening. Trips range from two to seven days.

Sierra point to point ski tours

The objective of our point to point tours is to immerse in majestic scenery and experience superb skiing. Listed below are three of our classic offerings. There are many more possibilities and we are happy to design custom tours expertly tailored to your groups specifications.

Mammoth to June Ski Tour (Beginner – Advanced): This 2-3 day tour offers an excellent introduction to overnight ski touring. Between Mammoth Mountain Ski Area to the town of June Lake this tour offers spectacular landscapes, the opportunity to climb San Joaquin Peak, and superb skiing throughout.

Paiute Pass to Rock Creek (Intermediate – Advanced): This 4-5 day tour covers a magnificent section of the Sierra Crest. After ascending Paiute Pass we navigate through the gentle terrain in Humphrey’s Basin then into French Canyon. The tour continues past Royce Lakes and stunning views of Merriam, Royce, and Feather Peaks into Granite Park. With Bear Creek Spire in front us we contour around it into the Rock Creek drainage and the final run out.

Sierra High Route (Advanced): This 6-7 day legendary journey is the trans-Sierra ski tour! Beginning at either Symmes Creek or Onion Valley this tour crests several high passes that lead into large open bowls while offering side trips to high summits. The terrain is rugged, remote, and stunningly beautiful. The tour ends at Giant Forest in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park.

Sierra Base Camp Ski Tours

Sierra ski touring with a base camp puts us in position to ski multiple lines in an area without having to ski in and out from the car in 1-day. We can scope lines by day and return to a comfortable camp to recharge with hearty meals and hot drinks. We’ll be well rested and ready to tackle another objective the following day. A base camp also affords ambitious skiers the chance to hit two or more lines in a day while the snow conditions remain favorable.

Rock Creek: The “Inner Canyon” of the Rock Creek drainage is a large cirque bordered by four 13,000’+ peaks and several over 12000′. Many classic lines exist off the summits and in between these peaks offering 1000′ – 2500’+ of epic descents. With intermediate to expert terrain available there’s options for everyone!

Bishop Creek: The terrain behind South Lake is plentiful with a side variety of chutes and bowls. The opening of the road usually coincides with the fishing season opener in late April allowing for reasonable access into this magnificent region. Chutes off of Mt. Goode, Mt. Johnson, Mt. Gilbert, and Mt. Thompson are all accessible. Intermediate to advanced terrain is easily accessible and two or more lines can be skied in 1-day!


$520 per day guided 1:1
$320 per person per day guided 2:1
$250 per person per day guided 3:1 or more


Any date winter/spring with at least 72 hours advance notice.