Ice Climbing Day

Come learn the thrill of ice climbing on the frozen waterfalls in Lee Vining Canyon and June Lake! Whether it’s your first exposure to the vertical realm or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to expand your skill set our expert staff is ready to show you this beautiful and exhilarating sport!


$460 per day with 1:1 guide/guest ratio WEEKENDS
$300 per person per day with two people WEEKENDS*
$360 per day with 1:1 guide/guest ratio WEEKDAYS
$250 per person per day with two or more people WEEKDAYS*
Book for as many days as you like!
Private guiding also available

Prices include Professional Guides, Permits, All Group Hardware and Equipment.


*Due to the increased popularity over the weekends and the objective hazards created by crowds in ice climbing, we must limit our reservations and only allow a 2:1 ratio on these dates. We recommend you book midweek, when the experience is likely to be more enjoyable and we can manage larger groups of clients.