Climbing Anchors Course

Learn to build solid anchors for rock climbing


Climbing Anchors Course is a 1-day workshop is dedicated to building solid anchors for top roping, belaying, rappelling, and rescues. We cover correct placements for all types of anchor points then practice building complete anchor systems.

Climbing Anchors Course Itinerary

We begin the day with a instruction and practice in the placement and removal of all types of anchor points:

  • Natural: rocks, trees, and more
  • Artificial: fixed man made protection such as bolts and pitons
  • Passive: gear with no moving parts such as nuts, hexes, and chocks
  • Active: gear with moving parts such as spring loaded camming devices

After gaining an understanding of the different types of anchor points we move into applicable knots. We also discuss the pros and cons of different materials:

  • Nylon versus “tech” materials
  • Cordalettes
  • Rope
  • Webbing

We spend the rest of the day joining individual anchor points into anchor systems. Our goal is to construct systems that are Solid, Redundant, and Equalized with No Extension. Anchors are used for top roping, belaying, rappelling, and rescues. The nuances of each type will be discussed.

Climbing Anchors Course Location

We use various crags in either the Bishop or Mammoth Lakes areas depending on weather and the time of year.


Knowledge and experience in the basics of rock climbing. While the day is spent on the ground, understanding the basics of climbing systems will go a long way towards the comprehending the content covered in this course.

Our climbing anchors course is also an excellent refresher before taking our climbers self rescue course.


$520 guided 1:1
$320 per person guided 2:1
$200 per person with 3 or more people


Any date throughout the year with 2-days advance notice.
Use the booking button below or contact our office to arrange.