Beginning Rock Climbing

An excellent first day introduction to rock climbing. Convert your indoor climbing skills to real rock. Join us for an affordable course designed to teach you how to climb outdoors! This is designed to be a two-day, introductory course and will devote one day to setting anchor systems for climbing outside. Both days are recommended but one-day enrollment is allowed. Class locations are to be determined, but dates available in Southern California, as well the Eastern Sierra.

You will learn:

  • Top Rope Anchors
  • Site Selection
  • Gear Placement
  • Anchor Systems
  • Movement on Rock
  • Belay Techniques (specific to climbing outside)
  • Fall Positions
  • Essential Knots
  • Rope Management
  • Necessary Gear
  • Rappelling
  • Climbing Etiquette
  • Leave no Trace


$720 w/ one person
$325 each w/ two people
$240 each w/ three or more people


Call SMI for custom dates and  Private guiding also available