Mt. Whitney Mountaineers Route

Mt. Whitney Mountaineers Route offers a magnificent uncrowded way to reach the highest point in the Lower 48 states!

Mt. Whitney’s Mountaineers Route is a spectacular uncrowded climb to the highest point in the contiguous United States! Picturesque scenery and beautiful vistas are prevalent throughout. Mt. Whitney is attempted daily by 200+ people during the summer months via an 11-mile Main Mt. Whitney Trail. Meanwhile a chute located on the Northeast side of Mt. Whitney is the remote Mountaineers Route that sees relatively few. The chute is angled between 25-35 degrees that tops out at a notch at 14100’/4298m. Here the angle increases to 40+ degrees for the final 400′ that leads to the summit plateau. The high point is a short walk less than 5 minutes away.

We offer climbs of the Mountaineers Route throughout the year. During the summer/fall months the terrain is over trail, rocks, and dirt. During the winter/spring the route an outstanding snow climb.

First climbed by John Muir in October, 1873 it is a magnificent way to reach the summit of Mt. Whitney!

Mt. Whitney Mountaineers Route Winter/Spring

Mountaineers Route Winter
Mt. Whitney’s Mountaineers Route becomes a classic mountaineering challenge in a pristine environment after seasonal storms lay a blanket of snow over the Sierra Nevada.

Over this 4-day climb we will establish two expedition style camps with our highest site located at the base of the spectacular East Face of Mt. Whitney.  Here we take time to practice techniques used for our ascent.  Crampon methods, ice axe skills, fixed line systems, and avalanche transceiver use are some of the topics covered by our expert staff.  These are the same skills used for ascents on high peaks worldwide making this climb superb training for mountaineering trips such as Mexico’s Volcanoes, Ecuador’s Volcanoes, Aconcagua, Mt. Elbrus, Denali, peaks in the Himalayas, and many other big snow climbs.

View a photo gallery of a winter/spring Mt. Whitney climb here!


$1280 per person
Cost includes: Professional guides, permits, Whitney Zone fee, breakfasts, dinners, assorted hot drinks, tents, all kitchen gear, and group climbing equipment (ropes, protection, shovels).
Not included: Lunches, individual climbing gear, and rental gear

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Mt. Whitney Mountaineers Route Summer/Fall

Morning start on Mt. Whitney
Mt. Whitney’s bathed in morning light during a summer summit day. A pre-dawn start puts us in position for this stunning view of Mt. Whitney’s East Face.

During the summer/fall the terrain on Mt. Whitney is over trail, rock, and dirt. Starting from the summer trailhead at Whitney Portal (8350’/2545m) the approach is beautiful as it passes pine trees, boulders, granite slabs, high alpine meadows, and lakes. We make camp at Upper Boy Scout Lake at 11300’/3444m.

The Mountaineers Route travels over trails and rock with some interspersed 3rd class climbing requiring the use of hands and feet on good quality granite.  The route ascends a chute angled at 25-30 degrees and tops out at a notch at 14,100’/4298m. Here the angle increases to 40+ degrees for the final 400′ to the summit. Ropes are used for safety but no previous rock climbing training is required. Mt. Whitney’s Mountaineers Route is a superb ascent, and serves as great training for other climbing objectives!


3-day trip
$1560 per person guided 1:1
$960 per person with two or more people


Schedule Open Dates:
September 4-6, 2024

Any date between June 1 and October 30. Dates are subject to us being able to secure permit slots. The farther you book in advance the better chance we have a getting a permit. Book using the button below or contact our office.

View a photo gallery from a summer climb of the Mountaineers Route here.