Climbers Self Rescue Course

Self rescue skills are essential all climbers

Climbers self rescue is a 2-day course devoted to instruction and practice in the critical skills needed to retreat in the event of an emergency. Everything we do in the mountains is designed to manage risk. We carefully select our equipment, double check knots, and back up our systems. We train, maintain our fitness, research our planned route, and monitor the weather. But, while we can work to minimize risk, we can never be eliminate it. Being prepared for an accident or emergency is part of being a safe and smart mountaineer.

Climbers Self Rescue Skills Covered

In climbers self rescue we cover belay escapes, raising and lowering systems, equipment needed, and special knots used to conduct a rescue. The progression of this course starts with the basics and finishes with each person conducting a mock rescue on their own with an instructor close by for advice and guidance.


Course participants must be comfortable with different types of climbing anchors including natural, artificial, passive and active. Knowledge of how to place nuts and camming devices is essential. How to join multiple pieces into an anchor system that is Solid, Redundant, Equalized, with No Extension is essential. See our climbing anchors course for instruction on these techniques.

Course participants should also have an understanding of multi pitch climbing systems. For a review of these systems consider joining us on a climb of Crystal Crag or another one of our Sierra Classic Rock Climbs.


$1040 per person guided 1:1

$640 per person guided 2:1

$400 per person with 3 or more people


Any dates of the year with 3-days advance notice.
Use the booking button below or contact our office to arrange.

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Here are a few classic Sierra climbs that you should know self rescue skills before embarking on:

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