Month: June 2014

SMI McKinley (Simmons) 2014 Expedition

10309410_10152426717924481_4611407466264688426_nSMI’s Kurt Wedberg and his Team, Fred, Jim and Mike Simmons as well as MT guide Blaine Horner have finally gotten started on their quest to summit Mt. McKinley. After a two day weather hold in Talkeetna, they flew onto the Kahiltna glacier and began their ascent. After 4 days of hauling loads & settling into camp @11000′  they took a well deserved rest day.

After a day of rest they ferried loads to the 13,200 foot mark and returned to 11,000′.  Then on day 6 they moved up to the 14,200 camp where they are presently at waiting out a small storm.

Their spirits are high and are anticipating a a couple days of clear weather beginning today so they can continue up to the 16,000 foot camp and onto their advance summit camp at 18,900.

Stay tuned for more reports as we get them.


JUNE 14, 2014

Kurt and Fred are at 17,200 waiting out a storm and hoping for a window for the summit.

JUNE 16, 2014

Kurt and Fred hopefully shooting for the summit today.

JUNE 19, 2014

The entire Team is down and back in Talkeetna safely. No summit due to consistent bad weather.