Aconcagua 2010 another successful year!

Our 2010 Aconcagua expedition was another success. In spite of an unusually windy climb we were never forced to sit out any extra days due to inclement weather. Team members did a great job helping and supporting each other and quickly emerged into an efficient climbing team. We began hiking on December 30 for the 3-day approach to Base Camp called Plaza Argentina at 13,779 feet (4200m). After arriving there we spent a few days doing acclimatization day hikes and carrying loads to Camp 1 at 16,600 feet (5059m). We spent three nights here before moving up to Camp 2 at 19,160 feet (5840m). Once we established Camp 2 the winds abated enough for summit bids on January 9-10. After reaching the summit the team returned to Base Camp and walked out. After arriving back to civilization the team spent a couple days in Mendoza soaking up the warm sun, going wine and olive oil tasting, and enjoying fine Argentine cuisine.

We’ll post a few highlights soon. The entire photo gallery of pictures are here:

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