They are off and climbing.


Both Kurt and April are on trail to High Camp and then to the Summit of Kilimanjaro with a Team of Eleven Climbers. Eight are from the Summit For Someone Program.

The Team reached High Camp on the 17th after a 3 day hike in through the jungle. After a days rest at High Camp (15,100′) they awoke for a pre-dawn final push for the summit. All went as planned and they ALL attained the summit at 7:45 AM on the morning of the 19th of February.

For all the blog followers, more photos to come with details of the climb.

Congratulations to ALL the Climbers on a successful climb.

4 comments on “BCM2 KILIMANJARO CLIMB/SAFARI TRIP Feb 12-25 2013

  1. Maria, Maricar on

    Hi Helen! Hi Ed! So awesome to learn that u guys made it to the top! The whole warehouse now knows about our adventures! Congrats! 🙂 — Maria

  2. lynnaroo on

    Congratulations to everyone on your summit. I love these photos showing the tents and where you camped…I’ve never seen where people camped on Kilimanjaro. Kurt always get photos that are interesting like photos of the showers on Mt. Everest or inside the dining tents. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ruth66 on

    Hi Maria and Brian,

    Thanks a million for the messages! I know I gave my thanks at work, but now it’s official!



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