Kilimanjaro June 21-27, 2010, Day 3

Had a wonderful day three on Kilimanjaro. We left Shira camp at 8:15 am and slowly climbed to an elevation of 14,600 feet.
We took a couple breaks along the way and watched the vegetation thin out until the surrounding land looked like a moonscape and off in the distance was a beautiful cloud deck below that made us feel like we were on top of the world. Above us we saw the western breach wall of Kilimanjaro and some of the glaciers that are up high on the mountain and we continued climbing up to our high point of Lava Tower at 15,231 feet. We then stopped and had lunch at 12:30 after which we descended down to Barranco camp at 13,076 feet.
It was a clear afternoon as we traversed underneath the western breach wall with beautiful weather.
The sky is gorgeous tonight and I can see the Southern Cross on one side and as I look to the other side I can see the Big Dipper. It’s just beautiful out here.

Everybody on the team is doing well and healthy and we’ve been playing a local card game, called cardi, with the porters and having a great time.
Tomorrow we will head towards Karanga camp.

Updates to follow

Kilimanjaro's Western Breach Wall from Barranco Camp

Giant Scenacio Trees

Giant Scenacio Trees

Barranco Camp



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