Mt. Baldy April 14 and 17, 2010 – Conditions are great but it’s melting fast!

While in Southern California giving slideshows Kurt took two climbs up Mt. Baldy. Conditions have been excellent this year. Lots of snow has fallen leaving a blanket that has consolidated well and is still hanging in there in the middle of April. With longer days and warm temperatures the snow won’t last long though. For now the snow makes possible fun and memorable days.

Here are a few pictures. The rest are here:

Mt. Baldy April 14, 2010:

Mt. Baldy April 17, 2010:

The Baldy Bowl on April 14

The Baldy Bowl on April 17. It melted a lot in 3 days.

Bill Simon and Mike Tate enjoying perfect cramponing conditions ascending the Baldy Bowl.

Ron Case pauses high in the Baldy Bowl on a warm windless day and snow conditions that remained as good as they were 3 days before.

Summit photo on April 14. From left to right: Kurt, Mike and Bill

Summit photo on April 17. From left to right: Kurt, Stacy, Norm, and Ron

Mike and Bill looking back at where we ascended on April 14

Ron glissading down the Baldy Bowl

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