SMI Kilimanjaro 2017 Team makes for their summit bid!

SMI guide, Alex Barber reports back from their climb. They make for the summit tomorrow!


February 9, 2017

Today the team hiked to Karanga Camp at 13,200ft. The day started off tackling the Barranco Wall, a 850ft headwall above Barranco Camp. Enjoyable scrambling lead to a beautiful traverse of Kilimanjaro. We were met at Karanga Camp by another fantastic hot lunch, fried chicken and french fries. Pretty sure the entire team may well put on weight with such great food.

DSC_4317 1

The sun sets on Karanga Camp


The subalpine moonscape headed up to Karanga Camp

Tomorrow we’ll hike to Barafu Camp, our high camp at 15,300ft. We’re now well acclimatized and in high spirits, a strong position for our summit push tomorrow night!


Helichrysum flower at 14000’. This flower is nicknamed the “Everlasting Flower”


Leaving Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp!

February 10, 2017

Hello from High Camp,

Today we took the short journey to Barafu Camp, about 2 miles / 2000ft of gain. This short day is nice, as Barafu Camp is more of a long break than a “Camp”. As we’ll be getting up before Midnight to have “breakfast” or more aptly named “midnight snack” before leaving for the summit.



Finding good handholds and climbing Barranco Wall


Porters approaching the last hill up to Barafu Camp

A blustery wind picked up this afternoon as we played Hearts and drank tea. Over dinner the team discussed our summit day and enjoyed a summit song, sang by our local guide Godlisten. Welp, tonight is the night, everyone is feeling strong and motivated. So tonight, we attempt Uhuru peak!


Sunset at Barafu Camp


Clearing afternoon clouds over Kilimanjaro from Barafu Camp


The night sky decorated with countless stars over Kilimanjaro on summit night

– Alex and team



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