Aconcagua Expedition #2 Update

After arriving safely in Mendoza, the team started the three day trek into base camp on December 30th.

We ushered in the New Year arriving at base camp at 13,747 feet

The team rested over the next day, then began the acclimatization hikes to Camp 1 on Jan 3rd

On Jan 6th the team moved to Camp 1 where we currently are at 16,700 feet

The team is doing well.  And we are looking ahead hoping to move to Camp 2 at 19,127 feet sometime over the next couple of days.

On January 5th, Andrew Pitts and Chris Whytal elected to call 15,800 feet their personal summits for the trip.  They are currently traveling home to Wash DC.

We wish them safe travels and please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you to everybody at home for your prayers and support.

We look forward to updating you on our progress soon.

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    Thanks Kurt! Please keep us updated. This is our only way of communicating to/from the team. I’m updating folks here as I see info.

    We are praying for the team – strength, safety, wisdom.

    Zach Casper
    The Last Well


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