Denali 2015 Team Making Steady Progress Up the Mountain

DSC_0046 - Copy

Organizing loads at Base Camp at 7200’

The 2015 Denali team is right on track and feeling good!

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Leaving Base Camp with Mt. Hunter (14,570’) in the background

On Friday, they landed on the Kahiltna Glacier and began their progress.

DSC_0074 - Copy

Traveling on the Kahiltna Glacier en route to Camp 1

On Saturday, the team carried to 9500′ and on Sunday , Kurt checked in saying “4 days after landing in the Alaska Range our team has carried supplies to Camp 2 @11000′. The team’s strong & psyched! ”

DSC_0082 - Copy

On Ski Hill above Camp 1

DSC_0091 - Copy

Light snow on our tents at Camp 2 at 9500’

Today, they have already cached a load at 13,500′!

DSC_0103 - Copy

Beautiful day traveling on the Kahiltna Glacier at 10,000’ en route to Camp 3.

DSC_0113 - Copy

Taking a rest break on the Kahiltna Glacier

Stay tuned for more updates!


2 comments on “Denali 2015 Team Making Steady Progress Up the Mountain

  1. Kym on

    Thanks for the update, give my boys our love we miss them and give Joe a hug for my flowers and for our postcards. Keep up the great work, lots of people are following your progress and the excitement is building!!

  2. Juliet Mountaineer on

    Those mountain peaks give a breath-stopping view. This traverse is perfect for those veteran mountaineers who are fit and intrepid.I wish I can visit the place someday and do mountaineering activities.


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