Everest Team Down Safely!

May 19, 2012 9:00am: Fred Simmons and Kurt Wedberg on the summit of Mt. Everest (8850m/29,035').

After a successful summit of Mt. Everest on May 19, Fred and Kurt safely descended back to Base Camp.  The descent took two days.  They dropped from Camp 4 to Camp 2 on May 20.  On the 21st they woke early and descended through the Khumbu Icefall, which was the last of the objective hazards on the route to negotiate.

Once down in Everest Base Camp they quickly packed up all their gear and managed to secure a helicopter that flew them from EBC to Kathmandu.  Flights are re-booked for traveling home. Projected arrival in Los Angeles will be on the 24th.

Upon re-entering civilization and seeing all the comments on this blog plus all the messages on our emails and Facebook pages it has been heart warming seeing what everybody has written.  We promise you every single comment will be read if it hasn’t been already!!  We will do our best to respond as soon as we can!!

For the moment we are concentrating on having some good meals and doing our best to rehydrate.   It is difficult for us to believe at the moment that three days ago we were standing on top of the world!  We will be posting a report on summit day soon.  Stay tuned for that…

Thanks again for everybody’s prayers and well wishes and we look forward to being in touch again soon!!


16 comments on “Everest Team Down Safely!

  1. Laurie on

    It is such an amazing journey you have all had…to heights unknown only to handfuls of human beings! Stark beauty; harsh environment; team thinking, caring, and trusting; belief if one’s self, and living it. Better than National Geographic, better than imagination…profoundly meaningful even to those reading the blog and absorbing the beauty of the photographs. Standing O and hugs. Laurie

  2. lynnaroo on

    Awesome photo of your two ‘ON TOP OF THE WORLD’.

    It’s great to see a post from you….got to go read it….talk to you later after I read your post!!!

  3. lynnaroo on

    Thank you for the post. You’ll be back in the good ol’ USA soon. I hope you’ll do a presentation of your Mt. Everest summit at the REI store in the Tustin/Irvine area someday. I’ll definitely attend. I sure wish Kancha Nuru Sherpa could come to the USA too, he’d be a great addition to your presentation.

    I’m looking at your photo on the summit and I believe Fred is dressed in red and Kurt is dressed in blue.

    Tater, am I correct about which one is Fred and which one is Kurt?

    I look forward to your post after you’re back on USA soil.


    Happy and Smiling for all your success,

  4. bizarm@gmail.com on

    NICE PICTURE! Weather looks like it was terrific… Congratulations, thanks for the update and glad you’re coming back down to sea level. BIZ

  5. terrynolan10 on

    Congratulations Fred and Kurt from Terry and Lambchop! We so enjoyed meeting you on the EBC trek and subsequently following your journey through the blog. What an awesome accomplishment through very challenging conditions. You OWN this experience forever, having touched the top of the world. We send our very best wishes. Terry and Christine Nolan, Easton, MD

  6. tater on

    Woooow I love those helicopers. Katmandu in 45 minutes uh huh thats what I’m talkin about. So much for the hike down to Lukla! Lynnaroo, I,m pretty sure Kurt is in blue since Fred has A newer VERSION OF Lowa 8000 boothave the brand name on the front gaiter and Kurt has on his Black Diamond Guide gloves. Looks like the wagu beef at the Beverly Hills hotel is imminent.

  7. 1982jeep on

    So happy you two made to the top of the world and back safely. Congratuations on a successful climb. I must tell you it has been amazing to sit here in sunny southern California and read about your experience. Makes me want to go to base camp just to be in the presence of Mt. Everest.
    Safe travels back home. I’m sure there will a lot of stories and pictures to follow.
    Congratulations, Gentlemen.


    That’s an awesome summit picture of Both Kurt and Fred. It is a relief to that they are off the mountain and there way home. If I’m at the WPS and either of happen to be there, expect a “Beverage” of your choices! BRAVO to everyone!

    With the reports coming off the mountain, the 19th was the window!

  9. ebartlett on

    very inspiring, fred. my boys were equally impressed. they also said red is a good color for you. give us a call next time you are in ny. CONGRATS, ernie.

  10. Michael Stone on

    What a picture! Congratulations to all you helped in your team’s success! I never doubted your experience and success Kurt in leading Fred and others to a journey to the top of Everest and, of course, back down safely. My class enjoyed your pictures and postings, but they really don’t know what an accomplishment this is. Thanks for sharing all you could and welcome back to California.


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