Everest Team Poised and Ready for Summit Attempt!

May 12, 6pm: Mt Everest in evening light from Camp 1 on Pumo Ri, which sits across the valley from Everest.


The last time we checked in we had just returned from spending a few nights up high.  Since returning to Base Camp we have spent this time preparing ourselves physically and mentally for an attempt at reaching the summit.  For the last several days we have been hydrating, eating a lot of food, and taking a few day hikes to keep our legs fresh.  One of our hikes was to Kala Patar, which is a popular destination for trekkers because it offers a nice view of Mt Everest.  Another hike we have done is to the last town below Everest Base Camp, Gorak Shep.
While up high we were faced with very challenging route conditions.  A dry winter had left very little snow on the ground.  As a result the route has a lot of hard ice showing.  We have also seen sections of the Lhotse Face get bombarded by rockfall.  We needed this portion of the route be moved.  We also needed some snow to fall to harden up the loose sections of the route so the rockfall would stop.  Thankfully over the past few days we have had some good snowfall.  The rockfall has stopped and there is now much more snow covering many of the previously icy sections of the route.
Expeditions are all about teamwork.  In addition to needing route conditions to improve we have also needed to establish Camps 3 & 4 plus a route to the summit.  Over the past few days we have had a team of Sherpa’s take care of establishing Camp 3 at 7406m/24,300′ and Camp 4 at the South Col at 7955m/26,100′.
Establishing the route to the summit mainly entails anchoring fixed rope on steep sections to protect climbers from bad fall potential.  With increasing winds at high elevations “fixing” a route to the summit is currently on hold.  We have a team in place and ready to go once weather improves.  In the meantime we are taking care of final preparations before we embark on our summit attempt.  We have packed several days worth of food, reviewed our oxygen equipment, and taken care of any fine tuning of equipment that has needed to get done.
We plan to post a update once we know our exact time table.  It is anybody’s guess now as to when we embark but we are hoping it will be sometime within he next week.
Below are a few pictures from the last few days.  As always you can view a sampling of photos taken since the start of our expedition at the SMI Photo Gallery site here:

May 11, 7am: Spindrift being reflected off of morning sun on Mt Everest's West Shoulder as winds increased up high.

Fred trimming his beard in preparation for our summit attempt to allow for a better fit of his oxygen mask.Our Base Camp as seen through a 400mm lens from Pumo Ri Camp 1.

Our Base Camp as seen through a 400mm lens from Pumo Ri Camp 1.

Fred enjoying some Internet time in a tea house at Gorak Shep.

Lhotse (8516m/27,939'), the 4th highest mountain in the world, in evening light from Pumo Ri Camp 1.

Mt Everest from Kala Patar.

Fred with the Angel wrapped in prayer flags atop Kala Patar.

Kurt on top of Kala Patar with Everest and Nuptse behind.

Fred wrapped up in prayer flags on top of Kala Patar.

8 comments on “Everest Team Poised and Ready for Summit Attempt!

  1. kkz-53 on

    Hi Fred and Kurt! So good to get the update! Fred–Love seeing the photos of your warm, relaxed , happy smile. 🙂 Kurt–Thank you for the beautiful photos of the mountains and camp. Sent w/ lots of prayer and love! Kay

  2. lynnaroo on

    Hi Kurt. Hi Fred

    It’s so good to see another post from you two. The first photo of Mt Everest on this post looks like you missed the perfect day to summit….the sky is so clear and blue in that photo….but the next photo of Mt Everest looks so different. I hope the day you two summit with Kancha Nauru Sherpa is just like the first photo. I remember Cindy Abbott saying their isn’t much room for all the people at the summit so her group took photos quickly and headed back to camp. From the looks of your photos I can see the summit is small. Cindy also said she stayed anchored to the ground at the summit….I can see why…these photos are great…I get a feel of what you are about to climb. Hey Fred you look good in prayer flags.

    I am going to pray for perfect weather for both of you and all the climbers trekking with you.

    May God Bless You All


  3. tater on

    HEY MAN The are worse places to hurry up and wait. We know its getting old but What views in all directions! Ya’ll are looking really strong. Photos are super. We are all jealous and wishing we were there too. Your Great preparation will equal superior performance forthwith. Ya’ll are gonna get the root beer float soon. We are watching and waitin with ya. Go you mangy dawgs.

  4. jtrupin on

    Kurt, how you been? Long time since we skied Mammoth, huh? Looks like another fantastic expedition, tho I’d be worried about that rockfall too. But let’s be clear-I’m plenty jealous. Best of luck to you and your team – stay safe, climb high, enjoy the views!

  5. Vince Johnson on


    I’ve been following your progress. It sounds great that your team is in place and ready to attempt the summit. Staying loose and having your health, what a blessing to be where you are in the zone waiting on the weather window to open for you, Fred and your sherpa. We are praying for your safety and opportunity for getting to the top of the world. May God keep you in His hands up and down the mountain.


  6. lynnaroo on

    Kurt and Fred,

    Please don’t forget us back home. You promised you would post your itinerary before you make you start for the summit. I’m watching every day to see if you have posted your agenda and I’m sure lots of other followers are watching carefully too because you said this week may be the week you try for the summit. Everyone is rooting for both of you and all the climbers and Sherpas but remember this, we’re rooting more for your safe return so don’t go for the summit if weather or other conditions aren’t right. It’s been exciting up to this point and knowing your safe and healthy is more important than seeing you summit.

    God Bless,



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