Just In: Fred and Kurt make the Summit!

The May 19th Summit List!

The IMG climbers are now on the way down from the summit. Their goal now is to reach the South Col, and some of them will continue on down to Camp 2. Weather is holding and the conditions are good.

Here is the official summit list sent to the Ministry of Tourism:

  1. Mr. Duane Kent Nelson, USA
  2. Ms. Vanessa Audi Rhys O’Brien, USA
  3. Mr. Bandar Khalid Al-Faisal, USA
  4. Mr. Andreas Polloczek, GERMANY
  5. Mr. Atte Saku Juhani Miettinen, FINLAND
  6. Ms. Lisa Amatangel, USA
  7. Mr. Justin Reese Merle, USA
  8. Mr. Rehan Dost, CANADA
  9. Ms. Catherine Neumann, CANADA
  10. Mr. James Frederick Simmons, USA
  11. Mr. Kurt Alan Wedberg, USA
  12. Mingma Sherpa, Phortse
  13. Chhewang Lendu Sherpa, Phortse
  14. Mingma Tenjin Sherpa, Phortse
  15. Chhiring Sherpa, Sangkhuwasava
  16. Tenjing Gyalzen Sherpa, Phortse
  17. Mingma Dorjee Sherpa, Phortse
  18. Kanchha Nuru Sherpa, Phortse
  19. Mingma Tenzing Sherpa, Phortse
  20. Pemba Sherpa, Phortse
  21. Chheten Dorji Sherpa, Pangboche
  22. Finjo Dorjee Sherpa, Pangboche

(Published on the IMG website)


— A. Mayhew

21 comments on “Just In: Fred and Kurt make the Summit!

  1. tater on

    Thanks for the great photo Eric. we appreciate your blog posts too. We’re praying for all to have a safe descent. Looks like Kurt and Fred are sleeping now and headed to Camp 2 in a bit. Weather is deterioriating from yesterday. Wish the others headed up luck too.

  2. lynnaroo on

    Yes, thank you Eric for the amazingly beautiful photo. I was going to ask you what I was seeing in the photo however I just discovered if I allow my cursor to hover over the photo a popup displays telling me the photo is taken by someone at the summit looking down on climbers who are about to reach the summit. I get goose bumps seeing photos like this. Geez, I’ve just been on big goose bump since Kurt and Fred began their journey…this has all been so exciting for me to following from the safe, secure surroundings of my home. I’m sure happy that people like you, IMG, Kurt and Fred are happy to share you adventures with people like me who will probably never see that side of the world in-person.

    I’m wishing everyone a safe journey back to Everest Base Camp.

    God Bless,

  3. Denni on

    WOWZA!Fred and Kurt, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on your summit. Now, safely back home, please


  4. Christie on

    Congratulations Fred and Kurt and

    Just unbelievably to have been able to follow this adventure. Very exciting and we wish you a safe descent back to base camp for a good rest and a safe journey all the way home. Thank you to the blog writer and to the extraordinary photographer(s). It’s all just amazing.

    From Fred’s friends at CHRISTIE in Manhattan Beach.

  5. tater on

    I noted earlier that Bandar w/ IMG did a voice update from camp 2 on Explorers.web so I think our team is there. Waiting to descend or descending soon. Guessing it is Important to hit the icefall early morning to avoid the heat danger threat. Meanwhile we wait to celebrate a safe circuit. Go Dawgs

  6. tater on

    Just noted the IMG blog says they are in Camp 2 wainting for morning. Who Ray! 🙂 I challenge someone to go wake Kurt up for an alpine start now…

  7. lynnaroo on

    Tater I agree…Kurt and Fred both deserve to sleep in…I won’t be totally relaxed until they are safely through the ice field and back at EBC. If you have an update please share it with us.


  8. Michael Stone on

    Congratulations Kurt and Fred! I knew you guys would make it with your training and experience. AMAZING! Thanks for sharing and the great pictures. Wish you guys a safe return home! Go USA!

  9. lynnaroo on

    According to Alan Arnette’s website Kurt Fred and Kancha Nuru Sherpa are all safely back at EBC. Now we can all rest easier knowing you are in your Nepal home safe and sound.

    Congratulations to all of you.


  10. Laurie on

    I am just so proud of the whole team. I will be reading along and poring over the raw beauty of the photos. Fred, I will now hope you tackle the rest of the biggest mountains on this planet- time and weather permitting. My eyes are feeling as happy as my heart at this accomplishment, and I will also feel glad when you are back at lower altitudes.I am sure your entire family is jumping with joy! xox

  11. tater on

    Just looked at Katmandu weather 90’s during the day 60’s at night sunny all week. Quite a contrast for Fred and Kurt but probably very welcome and a great reward for their paience and perserverance.

  12. Laurie on

    Sending love and energy to all on the mountain. I would think you all have gotten to know others attempting to summit and it must now be mixed with profound sadness. Be safe, be strong,and be proud of all you have done. You are all in my prayers, and I know you are comforting each other. xox Laurie

  13. lynnaroo on

    Kurt and Fred

    I could speak for myself alone but I think I am speaking for everyone who has been following your quest for the summit of Mt. Everest that we are all anxiously awaiting to read another chapter or should I say the last chapter of your adventure. Possibly it is appropriate to waiit until all teams have made their attempts for the summit before you post again or maybe it is out of respect for those who were not successful in their attempts. It is okay we can wait. I hope you are both well and Kancha Nuru Sherpa too.

    Best regards


  14. tater on

    Im thinking we are all aptiently waiting for news ya’ll have hiked down to tea house country, internet hot showers and beds. Hey John can you send a helo pickup…out of base camp

  15. wkentucky1 on

    Congrats to both of you. Whether it’s your first time or multiple times, you were blessed by Everest to let you experience her. Prayers for a safe return!!

  16. Vince Johnson on

    Kurt and Fred,

    There must be feelings of joy for reaching the top and sadness for the other climbers that the rest of the world has heard about. I can’t imagine the pain surrounding Everest Base Camp. May God comfort your hearts. Amen.


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