Kilimanjaro 2012: Team Nguvu Dadas Reach the Summit!

SMI Climbing Team Betsy Northam, Kelly Dunfee, Amber Sidhu, and Guide April Mayhew, all celebrated their summit of Kilimanjaro at 05:55AM on August 14, 2012.

Stay tuned for a trip report!


3 comments on “Kilimanjaro 2012: Team Nguvu Dadas Reach the Summit!

  1. lynnaroo on

    Wow…you made it to the summit so quickly. You all look great. I can’t wait to read your trip report. I’ve. always wondered what it must be like to climb Mt. KILIMANJARO. CONGRATULATIONS to April and the team…good job!

  2. tater on

    A little Mayhew mayhem on Kili. They keep chaning that sign but I don’t see the SMI sticker on it. Why? Congrats on another job well done. You know your in good company with April. The porters wish they could carry loads like her!

  3. lynnaroo on

    I hope you all made it home safely. I thought you might post a trip report after your safari adventure and combine it with Mt. Kilimanjaro.


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