Kilimanjaro June 21-27, 2010, Day 4-5

Our team moved from Barranco camp Karanga camp 12,900 feet, and the weather remained beautiful yesterday during Day 4.

Kilimanjaro's Western Breach Wall from Barranco Camp

The trek took us about 3 1/2 hours and got up to about 14,000 feet as we went up Barranco wall and slowly descended down into Karanga valley and then up to camp. We got to camp in time for lunch and we were able to spend the afternoon resting and hydrating and playing cards with the porters.  Then about dinner time the clouds that are normally hovering below us moved up the mountain and put us in kind of a white-out .  Then the clouds moved down at about 9 pm and the moon which is almost full lit up Kilimanjaro beautifully  as we went to bed.

This morning day five we woke up and left around 8:30 am and arrived at our high camp Barafu at 15,300 feet.   We rolled in at about 11:45 and were able to spend the rest of our afternoon resting and hydrating and preparing for our summit bid.

We will wake up in about 4 hours to make our summit attempt in the early morning hours.

Everybody is doing great feeling strong and happy we have a really nice team that has really gelled together. And we just had a wonderful time.

Just wanted to thank everybody back home keeping us in their thoughts and prayers as we make our summit attempt tomorrow.

Porters and climbers ascending Barranco Wall

Kilimanjaro, Heim Glacier on the way to Karanga Camp

Kilimanjaro from Karanga Camp

Barranco Wall with people ascending it

Everlasting Flower

Approaching Barafu Camp, Day 5

View of Kilimanjaro from Barafu Camp

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