Kilimanjaro Team Reaches Camp 1

Greetings from Camp 1 on Kilimanjaro at 3000m/9842′.  After a good breakfast at our hotel we drove to the park gate at 1800m/5905′.

Kilimanjaro is the only place in the world where it is possible to pass through five temperate zones in as many days.  Locally they name these zones as follows:  Cultivation Zone, Jungle, Moorland, Sub-Alpine, and Alpine.  Our climb today took us through the Cultivation Zone and into the upper end of the Jungle Zone.  We had a little rain today as we walked.  This made the jungle smell fresh and sweet.  The canopy overhead gave us partial protection from the rain.

Although Kilimanjaro is not known for having an abundance of animals it is possible to see a few neat forms of wildlife.  There are also several varieties of wildflowers including the Kilimanjaro Inpatients.  The jungle surrounding Kilimanjaro is the only place in the world where this pretty red and yellow flower grows. Look for more coming soon!

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